ShopBidsell offers a free escrow service which any seller can choose to offer on their listings. You can check if escrow is available by clicking on the Payments and Returns tab on any live listing. If your seller does not offer escrow then you should contact them via the messaging service to request that they setup a listing with escrow if you wish to pay this way.

Escrow is completely Free for both buyers and sellers. However, we will ask that sellers fully settle their account balance before we are able to release the funds to them once the transaction has completed. Sellers can do this by going to the members area and clicking Clear Account Balance.
Escrow is held by ShopBidSell until the seller confirms the item has been shipped and the buyer has confirmed they have received it. Buyers should not confirm receipt if they are unhappy with the goods or services as this would release the escrow payment and this is non reversable.
Your Escrow will be released by the amount of cryptocurrency received on the day of the sale rather than the dollar, pound, etc value due to the daily flutiaction of cryptocurrency value.